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The Language Café

The Language Café

Drie Gezusters

Grote Markt 36, Groningen

ma, 18 okt. - 20.00

*The Language Café is back!*

The reading group language café is organizing a big language café with Clio, ESN and Esperia. Come join us on the 18th of October at Drie Gezusters to try out your skills in your language by choice, including French, Spanish, English, Dutch, German, Chinese, Italian, Russian or Swedish.   Test your language skills with a fun night full of activities and social games in different languages! The theme of this Language Café is ‘Welcome to Groningen’. Share your experiences of coming to a new country or city, discuss the cultural differences between the Netherlands, your home country and the country of your language. Come talk to one of our native speakers present to discuss, socialise and just having fun in a different language!  We are looking forward to seeing you there! Sign up via this link!