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Stukafest Groningen

Horizontal surrealism & Romheen met La Zona

Stukafest Groningen

city centre

do, 11 mei - 20.30

A smashing performance between beer crates and study books, an intimate literary reading under a loft bed or dancers in the kitchen. It’s all possible during Stukafest! At the Student Room Festival, student rooms in are transformed into mini theaters. The roomers are your hosts and they’ll provide you with a good old can of beer or some nuts before you jump on the couch. The artists will almost sit on your lap, or vice versa, which is exactly what makes Stukafest so special! When buying tickets, you put together your own program. Each artist performs three times, but can sometimes sell out quickly. If one of your chosen performances is already sold out, you can either go to another round or choose another performance. There is always plenty of choice and it is usually the lesser known acts that can turn out to be unexpected highlights. There is always a 30-minute break between the rounds, so you don’t have to rush to the next room. The rooms are easily reachable by bike or sometimes even by foot.

Stukafest Groningen presents you with Horizontal Surrealism. Our very own curation, this performance will plunge you into a total sensory experience. A reading of surrealist short stories brought to you by Ireland’s most audacious minds will be punctuated by visual displays. This interplay between the mind and the senses shall immerse you deeper into the chasm of the surreal.

Romheen met la Zona, it’s music and words, joint to the hip. Romheen’s words meet with the eloquent jazzy, trippy, poppy sounds made by la Zona. A unique ensemble who started their steamy and hot collaboration in 2017. Expect to be taken by force towards the edges of your imagination.

See the festival website for tickets, other acts and locations