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World Storytelling Day

The Blame Game

Grand Theatre

Grand Theatre

Grote Markt 35, Groningen


wo, 20 mrt. - 18.30

Step into the royal court of ‘The Blame Game,’ a unique interactive storytelling special for World Storytelling Day.

Witness a tale of betrayal and demise, and cast your verdict on who bears the guilt for the queen’s untimely end.

An evening of compelling narratives and moral quandaries, where the line between right and wrong blurs with every story told. And your choices reveal not just the fate of characters, but also your own perspectives on blame and responsibility.

Dare to play?

Ticket prices include soup and desert.

Stories by: Bipin Upadhyay Elyzabeth Gorman, Igor Blumer, Christine Fenech, Joseph Kearney, Karina Guimarães Perpétuo, Niels Caszo and Xina Mercken.
Music by: Thijs Vrolijk