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The Little Pillow Society – Learn the art of storytelling

Grand Pillow Society

Donation based

di, 28 nov. - 19.00

The Little Pillow Society is for everyone who wants to feel at ease telling stories, whether on stage, at work or to friends. For all who love stories and want to learn more about the art of storytelling in an informal, safe and encouraging space.

– Maybe you don’t feel ready to share a story yet and want to develop more skills.
– Perhaps you want to tell stories, but don’t know what to share and want help finding a story.
– Or maybe you already have a story, but want to know how it lands with others before sharing it widely.
– It could be that you’re still too shy and want to feel more comfortable in front of strangers before opening your mouth.
– Or maybe you don’t feel ready to do anything yet, but do want to be around storytellers and learn from them until you are ready.

Whatever the case, if you want to tell stories someday then the Little Pillow Society is for you.

Maximum 10 participants. Participation is only possible after registration.

Register by sending an email to:

Donation based (advised donation € 5 – € 15)

Your host and storytelling coach is Xina Mercken.

The Little Pillow Society is the little sibling of the Grand Pillow Society, a monthly storytelling event in the Grand Theatre, Groningen. Where the Grand Pillow Society is about performing, the Little Pillow Society is about learning.

The Little Pillow Society is for all levels of storytellers, from very beginners to the more experienced. We use the Storylab coaching method, developed to create a safe environment to allow for the vulnerability that storytelling requires.

Each Storylab starts with a short introduction into an aspect of storytelling before moving on to practical exercises. What we do each session depends on the needs and wishes of those present. Possibilities are a game to help find personal stories, feedback sessions or practical exercises to hone storytelling skills. Storylab is also for those who don’t feel ready to share a story yet.

As Kerem said: “I’m surprised how much I learned even though I didn’t tell a story myself.”