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The Grand Pillow Society

The missing piece


Grand Theatre

Grote Markt 35, Groningen


zo, 29 jan. - 19.00

Come find the missing piece with us!

You won’t even need to do more than kick off your shoes, settle down in comfy pillows and drift away to stories and songs inspired by the theme The Missing Piece. And who knows, maybe the missing piece is you and our night will end with you sharing a story during the open mic set of the night.Stories by Xina Mercken, Esther KornalijnslijperRob Venderbos and Wytse de Boer. Music by Fleur-Marin Roorda.

Doors open for dinner: 18:00
Stories & music start: 19:00-21:30
Tickets show: € 5.
Tickets dinner+show: € 12Want to start the evening with new friends and a full belly? Join us for our pre-show dinner at 18:00 (vegan options available) for just € 7 and meet our performers and other audience members before the show.NOTE: dinner tickets are on sale until noon Saturday 28 January.

Want to tell a story, share a poem or play music at one of our nights? Please drop us a line! We love to welcome new talent.The Grand Pillow Society is a Storytrooper production

Rob Venderbos was a regular Grand Pillow Society audience member until one day on impulse he threw his name into the hat to spontaneously tell a story and got caught by the storytelling bug. He’s been a regular on our carpeted stage ever since, often bringing us stories from Dutch authors.

Esther Kornalijnslijper is a storyteller from Zeist who’s been in hibernation mode as a storyteller. She’s told once before on our carpeted stage and loved our community so much she’s decided to come out of hibernation and share a story with us this month.

Xina Mercken is the initiator of the Grand Pillow Society. If you’ve been to the Pillow Society before, you will know her. She loves inspiring and supporting others to tell stories as much as she loves sharing her own.

Fleur Marin Roorda is someone our regulars definitely know! Fleur Marin’s beautiful voice has graced our carpeted stage many times. With her mix of covers and original songs she wrote herself we are proud of how she’s grown throughout the years.

Wytse de Boer was one of the first people to visit the Little Pillow Society. He came wondering how to find a story and soon felt ready to throw his name in the hat to share a beautiful story during our open mic set. We liked what he did so much we’ve invited him to join our regular line-up, which he will be doing this Grand Pillow Society for the very first time!

And YOU! Come with an open heart and you may find yourself, like Rob, inspired to throw your name in the hat to spontaneously share a 5 minute story. Don’t want to tell a story on stage? No worries, you can join our society by putting on your best socks, kicking off your shoes, settling into pillows and listening to stories and music.