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The Grand Pillow Society – Where We Belong

Grand Pillow Society

Grand Theatre

Grote Markt 35, Groningen

zo, 26 sep. - 19.30


The Grand Pillow Society returns to where we belong: in the Grand Theatre! Bringing you stories and music, not yet in our cozy foyer, but at least live, in person, in the theatre!And we’re even bringing back the open-mic hat round to where it belongs, at the end of our night. So you too will have a chance to share a story if inspired to do so.Limited seating, so make sure to book your tickets on time!Stories and music inspired by the theme Where We Belong:
Stories by: Karina Guimarães Perpétuo, Jelke Ludolphij, Jana Riederer and Xina Mercken.
Music by: Fleur-Marin Roorda. Doors open: 19:00.