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The grand pillow society

Last stand

Grand Theatre

Grand Theatre

Grote Markt 35, Groningen


zo, 18 jun. - 19.00

We’re not ready for this season of storytelling to be over! So we’re making one last stand and bringing you a night of music and stories inspired by the theme Last Stand. Come kick off your shoes, settle into cozy pillows and enjoy tales and songs and maybe even tell a story yourself at the end of the night during our open mic set.Stories by Pleun van Vliet, Jelke Ludolphij, Lauren Maxwell and Xina Mercken.

Music by Helga Kruse. Doors open for dinner: 18:00

Stories & music start: 19:00-21:30 | Tickets show: € 5. /Tickets dinner+show: € 12.Want to start the evening with new friends and a full belly? Join us for our pre-show dinner at 18:00 (vegan options available) for just € 7 and meet our performers and other audience members before the show.

Want to tell a story, share a poem or play music at one of our nights? Please drop us a line! We love to welcome new talent.

The Grand Pillow Society is a Storytrooper production.